TESL Vancouver

Vancouver is a great place to teach English. There are plenty of ESL schools that cater to international students, it is one of the most prosperous cities in North America, and the weather does not get as cold as other parts of Canada.

Vancouver is special due to its proximity to the sea, for all that sea breeze and beaches mean to those who love the ocean. If you love the mountains, the city is also steps away from beautiful mountainous lakes and fun ski resorts!


As every Canadian city, Vancouver enjoys a very multicultural menu, offering Chinese, East Indian, French, Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean, South Asian, Steak and Seafood, Vegetarian and West Coast food.

TESL Canada certification is necessary to teach in this wonderful city. You can take the course online or on-site as long as it’s recognized by TESL Canada. If you take the course online, a supervised 20-hour Practicum is required to receive TESL Canada certification.

TEFL Saudi Arabia and Tourism

Saudi Arabia encompasses the most spectacular reefs of the world, the most magical and monumental sites of the Middle East, and the largest seas of sand of the Empty Quarter. Popular destinations are the mud-brick forts of Najran, which rise out of palm plantations and oases, the Arabian Desert, and the Two Holy Mosques of Masjid Al-Haram and Masjid Al-Nabwi.

Although very few travelers, especially non-Muslims, are allowed to walk this land, the country is slowly opening up to the world and Saudi Arabia has become a great destination for teaching English. Many teachers who hold TESL Canada certification and have more than one year of teaching experience choose Saudi Arabia for its standard of living and unique TEFL experience.

Ramadhan can be the most difficult time for western teachers as people who are not fasting are not allowed to eat in the open and only a few shops open for short periods of time. Saudi Arabia is very hot, so the best season is between November and February when average daily temperatures are moderate and the air is less humid. It’s significantly cooler in the Asir Mountains and around Taif region all year round.

Teach English in Beautiful Canada

Canada attracts millions of tourists and thousands of immigrants every year. Although the weather is cold most of the year, the standard of living and quality of life is one of the best in the world. Working visas are hardly granted on the basis of becoming an ESL teacher, so due to strict immigration regulations, British and Americans are the only foreigners that have it easier when it comes to finding an ESL job.

The summer is the busiest season for ESL schools, so if you have already become an accredited TESL Canada teacher, you should start applying for jobs around May.

Canadian summers are a lot of fun as people take advantage of the nice weather and beautiful parks to go camping, play sports, or simply have a beer at a patio watching people pass by.

The winter can turn dull if you don’t take advantage of sporting facilities, but cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver remain very dynamic thanks to a very well-built infrastructure with excellent public transportation.

Canadian culture is very supportive of businesses, artists, and other cultures. This is the reason you will find many different things to do, friendly people, and great restaurants!