TESOL Bariloche


On the shoreline of Lago Nahuel Huapi, Bariloche is a gorgeous and scenic city..

Using local hardwoods and unique stone construction, Bariloche is popular for its attractive alpine architecture. With a blend of summer and winter activities such as trout-fishing, hill-hiking, horse-riding, and skiing on the picturesque snow-capped peaks of López, Nireco and Cerros Catedral, this wonderful city in the Patagonia region welcomes tens of thousands of tourist every year.

Bariloche is considered as the ‘chocolate’ capital of Argentina owing to its overwhelming amount of fresh chocolate displays prevalent downtown. The only competitor to this fervour seems to be replicas of gnomes of all sizes and appearances hanging on store windows. Tourists can also enjoy a great BBQ over a glass of red wine while looking at the beautiful scenery.

You must visit Bariloche if you are teaching English in Argentina. An accredited TESOL certificate of at least 100 hours is required to teach in Argentina. Advanced TESOL certification such as TESL Canada, Trinity CertTESOL, or equivalent is highly recommended.

TEFL Buenos Aires

Being the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, is the hub of luxury and leisure, converging the diverse cultures of the world in one city. BA amalgamates frantic nightlife with a cosmopolitan city, traditional lifestyle with chic designer outlets, street slums with sophisticated architecture, and fresh markets with top-notch activities.

iStock_000002493649XSmallMouth-watering steaks help you enjoy the zest of Argentina’s national festivals blooming at their best in the pleasantness of spring. Walk down Recoleta zipping on a delicious ice cream, shop around Palermo Soho, where you can find local designer clothes at extremely low prices, and chat with friends over a pizza and a pint of beer until 4 in the morning. On Sundays, visit one of the many ferias for artistic handcrafts or lively music, choose from ravioli or asado for lunch, and choose from a street tango show or one of the 10 soccer stadiums. If you go to El Caminito in La Boca, you can choose both. You haven’t experienced a soccer match until you visit La Bombonera!

Buenos Aires is a great destination for teaching English. An advanced TESOL certificate such as TESL Canada, Trinity CertTESOL, or CELTA is highly recommended.