TESOL Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

Victoria Peak is Hong Kong’s most popular tourist attraction. Its stunning landscapes, malls, and restaurants offer a fun-filled cultural experience of Hong Kong.

The Peak Tram tours around the entire region, overlooking all the majestic architectural wonders and natural beauties. It is one of the oldest and most famous tram systems in the world and rises up to about 1300 feet above sea level.

Hong Kong

The magnificent panorama has been further rejuvenated by the Renaissance of The Peak Tower, the most striking landmark of Hong Kong. With its array of dazzling shops and dine-ins, the tower is sure to offer you many hours of leisure shopping, great dining experience, and souvenir hunting.

The Sky Terrace, rising to 428 meters above sea level, is a picturesque spot, offering a wide view across Hong Kong that you can simply not miss. The Sky Gallery within the terrace showcases the talent of city’s artists; an added attraction.

Hong Kong is the conjuncture of the East and the West. Teaching English in Hong Kong is a rewarding experience that pays very well. Advanced TESOL certification is required. Complete your TESOL certificate online.