Teaching English in Australia? Visit Uluru Kata Tjuta!


Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage natural site, ‘Uluru Kata Tjuta’ national park is one of the most exotic places Australia, and the World, has to offer.

Uluru and Kata Tjuta are two rock formations. The red, sandy base plain of the park, and its amazing rock formations give the park a unique look. Some 34 rare plant species have been found and not-so-ordinary animal species inhabit the park as well.

The park has a great deal of archaeological significance and it is sacred to the Anangu people. Rock climbing is discouraged in the area, but many people still take the risk. The climate is hot and arid, making the climb an arduous one. You can admire the beautiful dome shaped rocks, explore the ancient culture of the Anangu people, and if you are one of the daring TESOL teachers, you can climb it too!

Australia is a great place to teach English because it’s an advanced country with a strong economy and plenty of wonderful natural sites. An advanced TESOL certificate with Practicum is necessary to teach English in Australia. Pursue TESL Canada certification online and complete the 20-hour Practicum anywhere in the world!