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Teach Abroad in Uji, JapanUji is a city bounded by immense traditions. Most visitors are attracted to this divine city because of the sacred Buddhist temples. Temples are admired everywhere the eye turns and all along the Uji river. It’s an amazing place for people in search of Japanese culture and tradition.

If you are teaching English in another city in Japan, the best time to visit Uji is at the end of the year. This is when the mild weather enhances the experience of a place best known for meditation.

Teaching English in Japan is a formidable experience. A high speed train can take you away from some of the most modern cities in the world to the peaceful gardens of a thousand year old temple. Start your TESOL course and begin an exciting new career!

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Did you know that Japan is one of the top destinations for new ESL teachers? So many teachers choose to teach English in Japan because of the technological edge and for its vast and ancient traditions unlike anywhere else in the world. If tradition and all things ancient are what you seek, Uji is the place for you.  Be in awe as you visit the Byodin temple which contains one of the oldest wooden structures to have survived the Heian period. Visit the temple to find out more about preserved artifacts and unique structures like this.

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Have an Adventure of a Lifetime in Uji!

Life and Teaching Methods In Japan

It takes time to adjust living and teaching in Japan because the culture is vastly different from North American or European cultures. Therefore, take the time to educate yourself about the culture before traveling to places like Uji that are very traditional.

Teach TESOL in Uji, Japan

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OnTESOL recommends our 140-hour TESOL package  for teaching English in Japan. This includes our 120-hour TESOL certificate as well as our Teaching English to Young Learners Specialists course.  Our courses will prepare you to create well-designed lesson plans for teaching English in Japan!

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