English Teaching Jobs in South Korea

TEFL jobs South Korea - Apply for English teaching jobs today!Private and public school TEFL jobs in South Korea. Find English teaching jobs in South Korea and apply today! Why teach English in South Korea? High-paying jobs, free accommodation, no experienced required! South Korea is perfect for recent university graduates who want to teach English abroad. If you have a degree and an accredited TESOL certificate, you can apply for the best TEFL jobs in South Korea today!

South Korea TESOL Certification

EPIK – Public School Jobs in Korea

OnTESOL offers free recruitment with EPIK! Apply for public school TEFL jobs in Korea! Starting salary is 1.8 million won plus accommodation, airfare, and bonuses!

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YBM Language Institutes – TEFL Jobs in Many Locations!

TEFL jobs in Incheon (YBM Juan – November), Seongnam (YBM Bundang – October), and Seoul (YBM Gangnam Daero– October; YBM Kondae Station – October; YBM Jongno – October, December, January). YBM Language Institutes is looking for certified ESL teachers to teach one-to-one and small adult ESL classes. Teach English in South Korea with an established organization that welcomes creativity and independence! YBM offers standardized materials and text, and teachers are encouraged to create unique lessons using material that caters to each class. Starting salary is 2.5 million won! (Base salary at a public school is 1.8 million won). Benefits include housing allowance, prepaid airfare, visa processing, and paid vacation! To apply for this great TEFL job, send your resume, cover letter, scanned copy of passport, scanned copy of federal criminal background check, scanned copy of university diploma and TESOL/TEFL certification, a recent photo, and indication of location and start date to the national academic director gregstapleton@ybmsisa.com

Chung Dahm Learning – Many Locations

Apply for TEFL jobs today with one of the largest private school companies in South Korea!  Chung Dahm Learning has over 120 locations in South Korea and caters to over 40,000 students a year. Base salary is 2.1 million won. Package include arranged accommodation and airfare reimbursement. No teaching experience is required! Must be a native speaker and hold a university degree. Recommended TESOL/TEFL certification: 120-hour TEFL certificate. Apply online! Teach in Korea Chung Dahm Application Form