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Why is Connect different?

Connect Language School Canada TEFL jobs

Connect is a boutique language school located in the heart of downtown Toronto. There are no blackboards at Connect! Each student has his/her own tablet, which they use to create movies, podcasts, and blogs. Classes at Connect are very interactive and fun. Furthermore, Connect creates their own textbooks in an organic and collaborative way.

Connect provides teachers with everything they need through our ibooks. The great thing about creating content is that it is organic and collaborative. As we grow, our teachers grow, and so do our materials. Our award winning ibooks are constantly updated and improved thanks to our teachers.

Connect “flips” classes and is very project-based. Students are encouraged to take over their
own learning. Teachers use their talents to get the best out of their students by establishing
creativity and a fun environment, alongside the expected grammar and conversation basics.
Our tests are done online, not during class time, and are marked automatically. This maximizes
student-teacher time. Imagine, never having to mark stacks of tests ever again!
All this is makes Connect different.
We need teachers who are bold enough to be different. Tech skills are not necessary. A book is
a book. Our books just happen to be digital. What we need are good, solid, energetic, fun,
positive teachers to join our expanding team.
Check out our website:
Or send cover letter and resume to:

Connect School of Languages is recognized by Languages Canada.  Candidates must be TESL Canada certified or be in the process of obtaining their TESL Canada certification.

Connect in the News

Learn more about Connect School of Language and their award winning ESL textbooks series.


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