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TEFL job - Yangzhou Global IELTS International English SchoolHigh paying TEFL job in Yangzhou!  Work for a reputable company! The school is a subsidiary of The company, a subsidiary of the education and publishing powerhouse Pearson Education Group. Have fun teaching in China with Yangzhou Global IELTS International English School. Work in a great environment that encourages creativity. It will not even feel as if you are teaching, as classes range from clothing vocabulary or breaking down song lyrics to discussing and tasting wine or making and baking cakes. Class sizes are usually 2-3 students but can be up to 10-15 during busy periods. Most students are secondary and higher education students but can also range from pre-schoolers to adult beginners.

About the TEFL Job

The aim of the teacher is to increase the standard of spoken English while simultaneously introducing native English, vocabulary and understanding of English all round. Teachers teach 25 hours a week with 15 hours of office and lesson prep time. The teachers will teach a variety of classes (given the variety of students we have) which allows for experience in any given situation. A university degree is required and a minimum of 100 hours is recommended for TESOL certification in China.

High Paying TEFL Job in China

The salary is 10,000RMB a month going up to 12,000RMB a month following a probation period (2 months). The school has been hiring foreign teachers for over 5 years (with foreign management throughout) so it has a good record of recruitment and retention, with most employees overstaying their initial contract. (All the necessary perks are included – medical insurance, legitimate working Z visa/residence permit, end of contract flights bonus). The salary is competitive given that it isn’t in one of the major cities but the living cost is low. This all allows for great experience, independence and the option to save comfortably whilst maintaining a healthy social life.


Apply now! Contact Chris Clark – Head of Foreign Teachers (Jiangdu)
Yangzhou Global IELTS International English School
WEB: https://yangzhou.gedu.org/    TEL: (+86) 180 0144 3041
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/yzielts
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