Brno holds an important value in Czech Republic’s artistic heritage. It is the cultural hub of the country considering that this thousand-year old city is the second largest city and many universities are present here.

This beautiful city is located in the southern region of Czech Republic and situated in a basin of the Svratka and Svitava rivers, which is encircled by wooded mountains.


Brno is an excellent ESL destination for History majors in the search of first-hand exposure to Czech’s amazing culture and architectural sites. Discover old castles, bourgeois mansions, UNESCO heritage sites, modernist architectural-styles, and cathedrals that express a thousand years of evolution.

The Czech Republic is special to North Americans who have a university degree and a reputable TESOL certificate for being one of the few European nations to accept non-EU citizens.

TEFL Riyadh

Riyadh has evolved from a sandy desert outpost to the fastest growing city in the world. Since 1970s, due to substantial influx of oil revenue, its population has tripled and soaring and sparkling modern towers glaze over the old desert.

Kingdom tower

Riyadh city encompasses some of the most remarkable landmarks in the history of the Kingdom, such as the Al-Masmak Fort and towns formed by traditional mud-brick houses. Constructed in 1937, King Abdulaziz’s Murabba Palace was considered to be the Riyadh city itself by the travellers coming to this region. Much of this old palace has been reconstructed into ‘The King Abdulaziz Historical Centre’ which has become a popular tourist destination. Some examples of contemporary landmarks include Burj Al Mamlak, Burj Al Faisaliyah and Riyadh TV Tower.

Riyadh is also the top Saudi destination for ESL teachers. If you are looking to teach at university, a Master’s in TESOL is required. If you have more than 2 years of teaching experience and an advanced TESOL certification or diploma such as TESL Canada Standard 2, CELTA, or Trinity CertTESOL, you can apply to private ESL schools. Get your TESOL certificate with OnTESOL!

Saudi Arabia is a very popular destination because wages are very high, so many recruiters are standing by to help you with a job. Never pay for recruitment services and research the company thoroughly on the many TESOL websites and forums.