TESOL Tortuguero Limon, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small country with a very diverse climate. When the raining season arrives to San Jose and the Pacific, TESOL teachers can visit Limon and enjoy sunny weather on the Caribbean Sea.

As with the rest of Costa Rica, Limon enjoys a vast natural reserve. The Tortuguero is a beautiful national park that stands between the Caribbean Sea and fresh water wetlands.

Take advantage advantage of the rainy season and go between the months of July and August when hundreds of turtles come on shore at night to nest their eggs and return to see. The Tortuguero is an adventure that you cannot miss!

You can book a weekend tour for $300, which includes all meals, the bus ride, a 1-hour boat ride through the vast wetlands to get to the Tortuguero, lodging at an eco-friendly site, a tour through the rainforest where you will see plenty of beautiful species of birds like the Tucan, monkeys, frogs and other not-so-cute reptiles, and a walk on the beach to watch the sea turtles nest their eggs.

TEFL Rio Celeste Waterfall

It is said that Rio Celeste is the best kept secret of Costa Rica. You will not reach this amazing waterfall through the typical travel agency. It takes a 2-hour drive to reach Tenorio Volcano National Park from San Jose. Much of the drive is through paved roads until you reach the park’s entrance. An AWD vehicle is necessary for this 20-mile road.

When you reach the entrance, you must walk for about an hour through a mystical rainforest path. You will be walking through magical types of trees, listening to nothing but the breath of the jungle until you hear water splashing. Walk a little more and this amazing waterfall will appear in front of your eyes. It is like nothing else, light blue coloured from the minerals of the volcano streams.
Teaching English in Costa Rica is an amazing experience. All you need is your university degree and an internationally recognized TESOL certificate.

TEFL San Jose Costa RIca

San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica and almost half of the country’s population resides here.

Most of the tourist attractions are within 5 miles of the city centre. The recommended attractions are The Children’s Discovery Museum, San Jose institute of Contemporary Art, The Tech Museum, History Park, Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, HP Pavilion, Plaza de Cesar Chavez Park, and the Roicrucian Egyptian Museum.

San Jose offers a lot of choice. You can teach at public schools, universities, private ESL institutes, kindergarten, and the business community. Entry-level positions pay $5/hour, which covers rent and other living expenses. If you want to take fun trips to the beaches, volcanoes, and amazing waterfalls, it’s highly recommended to offer private tutoring.
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