TESOL Tortuguero Limon, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small country with a very diverse climate. When the raining season arrives to San Jose and the Pacific, TESOL teachers can visit Limon and enjoy sunny weather on the Caribbean Sea.

As with the rest of Costa Rica, Limon enjoys a vast natural reserve. The Tortuguero is a beautiful national park that stands between the Caribbean Sea and fresh water wetlands.

Take advantage advantage of the rainy season and go between the months of July and August when hundreds of turtles come on shore at night to nest their eggs and return to see. The Tortuguero is an adventure that you cannot miss!

You can book a weekend tour for $300, which includes all meals, the bus ride, a 1-hour boat ride through the vast wetlands to get to the Tortuguero, lodging at an eco-friendly site, a tour through the rainforest where you will see plenty of beautiful species of birds like the Tucan, monkeys, frogs and other not-so-cute reptiles, and a walk on the beach to watch the sea turtles nest their eggs.