Teaching English in Hong Kong: Travel, Jobs, and Methods

Teaching English as a Second Language in Hong KongLuxurious yet comfy, crowded yet welcoming, modern yet relatively inexpensive, Hong Kong is a great place to teach English Abroad.

Experience its extroverted skyline, bustling street crowds, and steaming canteens spiced with loud chattering in the air.

Neon signage welcomes you on every corner. Safe and well-organized, Hong Kong is known for its thrilling wharf landscapes, beautiful sun rise views from the remote mountain peaks, five-star hotel lobbies for afternoon tea, and world-class party zones.

Hong Kong is one the most densely populated area in the world and innumerable architectural masterpieces have been constructed in the past few years. Despite its continuous progress and ever growing demand for space, Hong Kong makes a great effort to preserve the environment. Less than 25% has been developed and much of the topography is occupied by hills, mountains, country parks and natural reserves.

Teaching English abroad in Hong Kong

Find English Teaching Jobs in Hong Kong

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TESOL Method Used in Hong Kong

The most common TESOL methods used in Hong Kong are the Communicative Approach and Task-Based Learning, which are variations of the Communicative Language Teaching method. Most jobs involve teaching young learners through the Hong Kong Education Bureau NETs program. There is also a large number of Business English jobs. Whether you are teaching kids or business professionals, the Communicative Language Teaching method is the most commonly used in classrooms throughout Hong Kong. The key to understanding this TESOL method is meaning and context.

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