Stanley Beach: Most Popular Weekend Destination for English Teachers in Hong Kong

Teaching English in Hong Kong. TESOL travel in Stanley

Stanley is the perfect place for English teachers who want to escape the city on weekends and relax. Stanley is a beautiful town located on the peninsula of the southern-east part of Hong Kong.

On hot summer days, Stanley beaches are the best place in Hong Kong to cool off and enjoy the day. Both Stanley Main Beach and St. Stephen’s Beach are sandy and have areas designed for barbecues. These beaches are great to sunbathe and try water sports.

On cooler days, you can spend the day visiting the Murray House, Stanley Plaza, Stanley Main Market, Pat Kan Uk, Blake Pier at Staley, and Stanley Fort.  There are also plenty of small shops and streets stalls selling craft souvenirs, household items, toys and affordable garnets that are rich in local flavor.

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Stanley Video Tour:

Teaching English in Hong Kong: Salaries and Requirements

Hong Kong offers the highest salary for English teachers. You can earn between US$55,000 and US$70,000 annually working for the Hong Kong Education Bureau. Candidates need to have a university degree and a internationally recognized TESOL certification. The 250-hour TESOL Diploma and the 20-hour Teaching English to Young Learners are recommended for the highest wage level.

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What Do Teachers Say About Hong Kong?

OnTESOL graduates agree that public school jobs are better than language school jobs because they pay is almost twice as much. The major drawback is that classes are larger in public schools, so teachers need to be well-trained on teaching multi-level classes and effective classroom management techniques. Knowing how to plan ESL lessons using TESOL methods such as the Communicative Approach and Task-Based Learning will help you cater your lesson to your students’ needs. This sample lesson from our graduate in Hong Kong will give you a better understanding on why it is important to know how TESOL methods are applied.