TEFL Thailand & Tourism

Thailand is the ultimate destination for anyone who wants to live to the fullest. It is safe, cheap, beautiful and fun!
Entry-level teachers enjoy a decent wage and those who completed a TESOL course can earn up to 30% more doing the same job. Just stay out from internship programs that charge a fortune while paying half the minimum wage and you’ll have the time of your life! Come to this land of amazing beaches, water sports, breath taking scenery, and exotic food.

TEFL Tourism Taiwan

Taiwan offers ESL teachers an amazing and an unforgettable experience. Wages are high for those who hold a TESOL certificate, while the cost of living is very low. Teachers can afford delicious foods and travel often to some of the most beautiful beaches in this world!

Taiwan is situated off the east coast of Asia, east of mainland China. As a result, Taiwanese cuisine is inspired by the areas of mid to southern mainland China. The climate is subtropical, with moderate temperatures in the north.

TEFL Tourism Germany

Germany is not a land for making choices, but for experiencing every option; east and west, palace and club, ski and trek, nightclubs and museums, pleasant summers and freezing winters. Experience the fun-filled country at every nook and corner to make your TEFL journey altogether memorable and adventurous.

Germany is one of the most flexible European countries when it comes to issuing work visa to non-EU citizens. All you need is a degree and a reputable TESOL certificate.

The versatility of Germany lies mostly in its contrasting cities, which give it an overall diverse and beautiful outlook. Vibrant Berlin, traditional Munich, and historically preserved Dresden and Cologne. Many parts of Germany faced destruction during WWII but despite low morale, the country worked hard and experienced a renaissance in a short time.

Ski Alpine peaks and hike through carefully preserved forests, every half-timbered village charms you with its natural beauty and makes you smile. Be enamored this season and dance your time away in Europe’s best and trendiest dance clubs. You’ll be surprised! Enjoy the festivals of Germany of which Fasching (Carnival), Maifest, Christopher’s Street Day and Silvester are just a few ones to quote. Many adventures still await you!

TEFL Tourism South Korea

Constantly marching ahead, forward and forward, never to stop and just hurry; South Korea is a complex and yet a fascinating country with wonders at every nook and corner and technology spurting out at an ever-increasing pace. Energy and joie de vivre of Seoul, ancientness of Gyeongju, bustling port town of Busan, South Korea is an adventurous land set for ESL teachers to discover the rich cultural heritage and wonders of Renaissance and have a great experience.

The roads to the countryside are still less traveled by; for good or for worse. Composed temples, beautiful mountains, unspoiled fishing villages and endless hiking opportunities are still awaiting any Westerners that rarely ever come to this path. Travel to the unspoiled islands of Dadohae Haesang National Park or the charming Buyeo for its historic relics of Baekje and lively market.

High wages and great living conditions make South Korea the top destination for teaching English. Native speakers who completed their university degree and a reputable 100-hour TESOL course, but don’t have any prior teaching experience, earn $2,100/month plus accommodation, bonuses, and other benefits.

TEFL Australia

From sand dunes to tropical rainforests, snow covered mountains, to hot beaches; Australia, the land of extremes has it all!

If you are a history, nature, or animal loving enthusiast, then teaching English in Australia is once in your lifetime experience. All you need is a degree and and advanced TESOL certification such as TESL Canada, CELTA, or Trinity CertTESOL.

Snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, skiing in the Victorian Alps and sun bathing with celebrities on Bondi beach will make your Australian experience an exquisite one. You find adventure, fun, and romance all in one place.

Have you ever fancied walking alongside the rarest animal species on the planet? If so then Taronga zoo will turn your dreams to reality! Want more?! Moreton Island (one of the longest sand islands in the word), the Ningaloo Reef, Willandra Lake Region, and many more awe-inspiring sites await you!

From June to August, the southern parts are extremely cold, but it is the ideal time to dive in Queensland in the tropical north and sunbathe in Broome in the West. The time when you can make the best of your experience will probably be in the spring. Not only the weather is idyllic, but there are some amazing sports events happening to make your visit even more exciting. The Australian Open and Melbourne Cup are two of these events.

So what are you waiting for? Get your TESOL or TEFL certificate and embark on an exciting new career!

TEFL in Argentina!

Experience the joyful walk of flapping penguins, breath-taking beauty of lush Lake District, Andean Deserts and Argentina’s exclusive national festival sprees. Tip-toe to the highest peak, dwell in the epic display of the fall leaves or lose yourself in the spirited tango mix, it is an heaven on earth. Argentina offers a magnificent experience to those who wish to TEFL in South America!

With the versatility of climatic and topographical features, Argentina offers rare leisure for those who love food, the Spanish language, hiking, soccer, or watching national parades all year round. From becoming a shopaholic of best designer wears to dancing the weariness away in night clubs, sunbathing on the beaches of Atlantic Sea, and enjoying the fling of metropolitan cities, there is every genre of entertainment lurking in its streets.

TEFL Poland

Located in Central Europe, Poland provides an unforgettable teaching experience. This small and peaceful country is on of the top European destinations for TESOL teachers.

The type of weather differs according to different seasons. Throughout spring, the magnificent colors of blossoming plants will certainly hypnotize you with their appeal. Summers are not so hot while winters are cold enough to freeze the lakes and streams.

Poland is filled with natural beauties such as Bieszczady mountains, Danzig, Czestochowa, Cracow, Malbrok, Masurian lake, and Jefferson’s memorial forest.

Take a TESOL Certificate and Teach in Spain

Sun-drenched and undomesticated to the south of the tempestuous and dignified Pyrenees, this adrenalized nation works like perplexing magic.

Spain is a very different and unique country. The north resembles the rolling green hills of Ireland and the south gives the effect of Moroccan landscapes and architecture. It has its own diverse language, culture, cuisine and art. Beautiful beaches can be found near Malaga, Huelva and Almeria. Each town has its own magic, but Spain’s most famous architecture can be found in Madrid, Granada, Barcelona, Sevilla, and Toledo.

Spain is a magnificent country for people who hold an advanced TESOL certificate such as TESL Canada, CELTA, or Trinity CertTESOL.

Completed TEFL Certificate? Go to Japan!

Japan, the vision of ancient temples and futuristic sites, the name of mist-shrouded mountains and trains at speed of as much as 500 miles an hour. If you are seeking traditional culture, then Japan is where you should land upon completion of your TEFL certificate. One can gorge in temples all day, present yourself at the shrines, and attend tea ceremonies packed with Japan’s rich artistic culture and heritage.
If modern culture and technology is your way, then Japan is for you. Japanese cities are a complete wonderland for tech buffs. Japan is the cornerstone of futurism!
Sightseeing is another treat to the eyes for people visiting Japan. One can find natural wonders at length here.
Food is the source of delight for Japanese, whether it is freshly cooked sushi or perfectly battered tempura. If you are a foodie, then Japan is a feast to experience.

Teach English in France

East, West, North or South; Bienvenue to France! The land of all good and bad; glamour and drab, love and hate, contemporary and racist, smart and dull, chic and simple; its French and France that hides a world in them. Spice up your visit with the exquisiteness of France to enjoy the fine chow and le vin, majestic landscapes and natural wonders that may cast a spell on you; get ready to fall in love with France.

Hot Mediterranean south for sun-bathers, snow-capped mountains for winter enthusiasts and skiers, humid Northwest blowing with the bitter westerly winds, festivals and gastronomic temptations attract the modern arty France. Dwell in the crispiness of croissants, art and romance and the subtlety of French cities this season. Mingle in the South for Roman civilization, experience the 5th-century Celtic infusion of music and mythology in Brittany, majestic snow-capped peaks of the French Alps, cultural and historical magnificence of Côte d’Azur and indulge in the soft-edge beauty of Nice. Normandy beaches, arenas of Somme, neoclassic architecture of Bordeaux await you.
With a positive attitude on life, the French are a strange folk with inspiration and revolution changing their lives every year, every day. Note, La Belle Au Bois Dormant de la France (the Sleeping Beauty of France), Bordeaux, is not sleeping anymore; care to experience the renaissance with your own waking eyes?
Experience the masterpieces of art, architecture, nature and music this season and fall in love with France blooming at its best!

A EU passport is required for working legally in France. As for certification, a 100-hour TESOL certificate is enough for an entry-level position.