Teach English in Beijing and Travel!

iStock_000004302195XSmallBeijing is one of the oldest bastion of China, destined to rule the country forever.  From felled narrow alleys to huge underground bomb shelters, every monument is a relic presenting the political mood of its era.

Dating back to the 1045 BCE Zhou Dynast the great variety of architectural styles.

Only patient exploration and inquisitiveness can actually unleash the hidden wonders of the city.

Beijing Landmarks

Teach English and travel in Beijing! OnTESOL has TESOL and TEFL jobsAmong the most prominent landmarks are the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China. Beijing also has a colossal wealth of lesser-known historical monuments. The most well-known tourist points are the sights of Tiananmen Square, the Mao Zedong Mausoleum and the Great Hall of the People, all within walking distance of each other. Gulou and Zhonglou, also known as the Bell tower and Drum tower, were made for musical reasons and presently they are used to ring the bells and attract tourists towards them.

Beijing is a Fantastic City to Teach English Abroad!

English teaching jobs are more abundant in Beijing than in other cities in China. You can also travel for a lot less if you are based in Beijing.  More importantly, Beijing is a great travel destination of its own, so it is the perfect city to teach English abroad and live as a tourist. Since most jobs are about 29 hours per week, you will have plenty of time to walk around the city. There is so much to see in this city of 22 million that you can spend months walking around Beijing before you want to travel elsewhere.

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Recommended for Teaching Jobs and Travel!

China is an amazing country, full of history and natural wonders. Our top picks for teaching jobs and traveling are:

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2- Guangzhou

3- Harbin City