What Makes Bangkok Such a Great City to Teach English?

What Makes Bangkok Such a Great City to Teach English? Find TESOL / TEFL jobs in Bangkok Bangkok has everything under the sun! Stunning temples, shopping palaces and traditional markets, a lively nightlife, and affordable 5-star restaurants will make you want to stay forever. The top 3 reasons to teach English in Bangkok are:

1- Stunning Architecture:

Bangkok is known for its jaw-dropping palaces and Buddhist temples. The most popular ones are Wat-Arun, Wat Trimitr, The Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, and the The Emerald Buddha.

Wat Trimitr is the world’s biggest golden Buddha image and the Wat-Arun temple is most beautiful at sunset, when its emblematic structure rises over the red sky. The old port of Thailand has become a mighty corporate centre, but you can experience the traditional way of buying groceries from small boats at The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, 110 km west of Bangkok.

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2- Teachers in Bangkok Have Easy Access to Great Travel Destinations!

Phuket Those who teach English in Bangkok have better travel options in and out of Thailand. Airfare is cheaper and teachers can get more direct flights, so you can go to the beach one weekend and the mountain jungles the next! One of the best travel destination in Thailand is Phuket because of its white sand beaches and blue waters.

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3- Great Lunch for Less Than $3!

Bangkok is one of the best cities to eat street food! It’s healthy, affordable, and full of flavour! You can have a full meal at a street stall for under $3. Food is cheap all through Thailand, so ESL teachers can save enough to travel.

About TESOL / TEFL Jobs in Bangkok:

Schools in Bangkok pay much better than schools in rural areas. Since most jobs are for 28 hours a week, you can afford to spend your free time sunbathing and snorkelling in Thailand’s amazing beaches. For jobs that pay at least 30,000 baht per month, a bachelor degree and a 120- hour TESOL certificate are required.

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