Jeju Island Is a Great Place To Teach Abroad!

Find TEFL jobs in Jeju Island with EPIK South Korea Jeju Island  looks a lot like Hawaii because of its white sandy beaches and volcanic landscape with rain forests and waterfalls. It’s really that amazing!

English Teachers in South Korea say that Jeju Island offers an unforgetable gap-year experience. Jeju is probably the best place in South Korea for those want to live in a small town and rural community, as well as experience amazing natural places.

Every year, South Korea welcomes over 2,000 university graduates from native English-speaking countries. Jeju Island is one of their preferred destinations because it offers teachers with a combination of the simple lifestyle and fun eco-adventures.

Jeju Island, South Korea – UNESCO World Heritage Sites

These are the best places to visit in Jeju: Hallasan for its prairie, Ilchulbong for its awesome volcanic cave, Udo Island for its white sandy beaches, and Seogwipo for its colourful coral.

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OnTESOLTeach English in Jeju Island! Find TEFL jobs with OnTESOL! offers free job placement services in Jeju Island and other parts of South Korea. Earn up to US$2,700 per month plus amazing benefits. Every job offers accommodation, airfare bonus and paid national holidays. Above all, Jeju Island is a great place to experience an amazing gap-year abroad doing a meaningful job!

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Get The Best TESOL Certification for Jeju Island!

EPIK is the largest TESOL employer in Jeju Island, so most English teaching jobs involve teaching k-12 classes. For this reason, the most popular TESOL certification course for Jeju Island is the 140-hour Advanced TESOL Certification for K-12 teachers. This program combines 120 hours of advanced TESOL training with the 20-hour Specialist on Teaching English  Young Learners (TEYL).

How is OnTESOL The Best?

While other courses offer a quick introduction to common methodology topics, OnTESOL provides advanced training in lesson planning. This sample lesson from an EPIK teacher in South Korea shows how the OnTESOL program helps teachers adapt the curriculum to make their classes more communicative!

The 140-hour program is recognized all over South Korea, so you can work in other regions if you decide to extend the contract. You can also use the OnTESOL certificate to teach in other parts of the world because it is accredited by TESL Canada and ACTDEC UK.

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